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Ivan, The Gentle Bunny

Ivan, The Gentle Bunny
In Memoriam

We are saddened to report that Ivan passed away suddenly at his permanent home, despite medical efforts to savehim. We loved you gentle and loving Ivan.
Rest in peace little one.
I found my forever home!
Hi. My name is Ivan. I have a very strong sounding name when I am actually one of the sweetest and gentlest bunnies you'll meet.

I'm a little shy at first, but I connect deeply with people and yearn to be someone's loyal friend. People say that there is a touch of melancholy in my eyes, but I think what they are seeing is actually my longing for love and hope that people will be nice to me and realize how special I am. I'm very forgiving.

Somewhere in my life I was shot several times by someone with a BB gun. I have still have the shots in my ear and back, because the veterinarian says that it is safe for them to stay and they don't seem to bother me. They are old injuries and I have moved on with my life.

I just want to be loved and to snuggle and relax with you. If you are ready to adopt a bunny with an "old soul" and bunny wisdom, please visit me soon.