Status: Adopted
Location: SaveABunny

Hi Everyone,
My name is Shay. I am a modest, shy, little young who is a bit insecure to share my inner most thoughts.
My "snuggle cup" is my bunny security blanket and was given to me by a kind-hearted volunteer who loves me.

I came to SaveABunny as part of a rescue of a my momma bunny and her entire litter of frightened babies, including me. Before I came to SaveABunny, my brother was accidentally killed by a dog at another place,and my mom and sisters were sent to a sanctuary to live with other "unadoptable" bunnies.

I was supposed to go with them at some point, but there were other bunnies who needed to go before me, so I became a foster bunny at SaveABunny.

At first I thought I could never learn to trust people and be happy. My short life had been filled with fear and sadness. My foster mom started to cuddle me and kiss me and I began to feel hope and a some safety. I am still very shy, but I now give tender bunny kisses when I snuggle.

My foster mom is very protective of me and insists that I only go to a home with very kind, calm and gentle people who will recognize and appreciate how sensitive I am. I would love to be in a quiet home with people who treasure me.

I just found my forever home!

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