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Nov 16 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
Sonoma County Animal Services

11/16/08 NOTE FROM SaveABunny Founder

Millard was adopted today, which is one of those bittersweet moments. Millard came to SaveABunny during a traumatic time of personal loss for me. I got him out of the back room of a pretty decrepit shelter. He was in a small wire cage with bad sore hocks and sun bleached fur. He was also one the funniest looking rabbits I had met, since he was the first Velveteen Lop I had ever met.
He really looked like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.

He never wanted to be like or with the other bunnies and would get seriously depressed without a lot of personal attention. He spent many nights under the covers with me or napping on the sofa with me and Rob while we all watched TV.

I considered keeping him as a sanctuary rabbit, but he really deserved a home of his own with pampering and more attention than he would get as one of many rescue rabbits here.

When Mitsuko, one of our longtime volunteers, visited with her bunny Wally who had lost his mate, we tried Millard because I trusted that Mitsuko could give Millard the extra special home he deserved. I love all the bunnies here and each one is special. The most loving thing I can do is find them a great home and it has to be "better than here." With Mitsuko we know that Millard will be treasured. So while it is sad to have Millard leave, there is joy and happiness that he will now have the type of loving and pampered home that we wish for every bun.

Hi. My name is Millard. I am a very unusual looking rex/ lop mix boy.
I'm about 6 years old, neutered and quite distinguished looking. In addition to my elegant features, I am also a very nice bunny and would make a wonderful companion for you.

I look a bit sad, because my humans surrendered me to a shelter in Sonoma County, because they said they didn't have time for me anymore. I arrived at SaveABunny on 8/18/06 and have settled in and have learned to accept love once again. I really enjoy being petted and talked with, and being reminded how sweet, gentle and special I am.

Though I really love the people here at SaveABunny, it would make me so happy to be adopted to a quiet and peaceful forever home where people will understand a tender-hearted bunny like me. I know it will open up a space for another bunny to be rescued.

I am a gentleman bunny with so much love to share.

Please visit me soon!