Status: Adopted
Shelter of Origin: San Jose Animal Services
Location: SaveABunny

Hello. Our names are Ernie and Bernie and we are a bonded pair of young, neutered brothers. As you can see from our markings we are part Dutch bunny with our elegant two-tone coats.

I'm Bernie, the black bunny and I take good care of my brother Ernie. Everyone thinks I'm cute, but they think Ernie is an exquisite looking bunny with steel gray/ blue coloring and matching gray eyes.

But it's not looks that matter anyway. We are both really nice bunnies who are gentle and easy to handle. We have lived in a foster home with respectful and thoughtful young children and would be Ok with well-behaved kids.

We have a physical disability however that makes us special needs bunnies--particularly Ernie. We both have a hereditary condition called "splay leg", in which our legs splay out to the side. Ernie has a more severe case than me, but we both move around and play just fine.

Bunnies Like us who have splay legs can lead long, happy lives, with running and lots of playing, but we need to be kept on soft surfaces for traction and to protect our legs and joints.

If you think you can offer us a safe and loving home where we will thrive (we must be adopted together), you will be rewarded with loyal bunny love and friendship.

Please meet us soon!

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