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Oct 1 2006
Foster Home

UPDATE 3/26/07
Dear Mommie Marcy

Oh boy is it busy around here !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm out of my cage (prison) more than ever lately !!!!! I'm out in the early morning, and then again around 4pm and I'm out till my Mother goes to bed. I love it. And yes, the romance with Mr. Jacques Frost continues. He loves to sit before me and lick my ears and face, and he purrs the entire time. Its so sweet. I adore him. When he's not cleaning my face he's laying down on my special padded runway by my side. Purring and dreaming about me. Big Boy? Who's that? He's so wimpy, I'm so over him. Jacques and I have been trying to have Cabbits, but so far nothing is happening. That mean old Betty says its because we're both fixed . . .I'm not sure what that means. We'll keep trying. Maybe he needs to clean my ears more.

Because I'm getting so much excersize my feet are changing. I'm losing some fur where the bend/break in my leg is. And I'm getting calluses on those red spots I've always had - this is a good thing ! But I'm also getting red spots on front feet. But I love to run and leap and dance so alittle discomfort is probably worth it. Mommie will take me to th vet soon for check up. Did I tell you they call me The Little Cotton Ball ?

I hope you are well and eating lots of chocolate bunnies.

Your sweet little friend
I forgot to say that I've grown a bit ! ! NO ! I'm not FAT ! Heavens no !! I'm still a svelte and sleek little potato chip of a bunny. I've gotten a bit taller and longer. See what good food and the love of a hot Frenchman will do for a girl? I'm so happy. amore amore amore I wish you could see me and my hunk of feline luv - please come and visit me !

Irene, who's very much in charge & tres happy !
10/7/06--Happy Ending Update From Irene
Mother Marcy

Well, life is just grand in my new cage. I'd forgotten how much I like being in a small space and in the center of much activity. I'm even eating more ! And I'm even eating some hay which I just didn't seem to have apptetite for when I was in bigger digs.

And I have a beau . . .shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell. His name is Big Boy and he's just my type, big, dumb, and feline. hubba hubba. We sit together on the sofa - he LOVES to sit on top of my poopies. amore amore amore.

My Maid/Mommie really wanted to go to your art event last night, but her week was something she's calling Hellacious . . . .hmmm, that sounds almost like delicious, so how that could be bad? Anyway, she was wreck last night and needed me by her side (with BigBoy near) and her remote control and a pot of tea . . . .shhhhhhhhhh again - she's cut WAY back on her wine guzzling. I can see why, I smelled it - yuck ! Why don't you humans drink more carrot juice.
Hello. My name is Irene. I am a small, very petite and dainty, dwarf mix girl. My little face and ears are just so feminine. I'm really a nice and demure, little girl.

One of my legs appears to have been broken a while back and it has healed at a funny angle. You can't see it that well from the picture, but my rear right leg sticks out some to the side.

I'm really not a special needs rabbit, since it's unlikely that there is anything that can be done for my leg at this point and it doesn't seem to bother me.

I am really a delightful, quiet, sweet girl with a lot of love to share.