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Starlet O'Hare

Starlet O'Hare

Hello Darling. My name is Starlet O'Hare, but you can call me Starlet. I'm a young, very small (just under 3 lbs), spayed and very glamorous mini-rex girl. I am a lucky little lady who escaped a treacherous past as a planned dinner for a snake.

Let me tell you my story...
I hail from Los Angeles, land of the movie stars, and no, I haven't had any "work" done. My good looks are all natural. My human was not a very nice guy---to put it mildly.

He didn't understand rabbits, so he placed an ad about me in "The Recycler" newspaper offering

"Free rabbit--needs rehabilitation or for snake food."

He even said I was a boy. Hmmpf! He had no clue what a special girl I am.

Word of my fate spread through several animals rescue lists and to make a long story short, my rescue was coordinated through a Maine Coon cat rescue lady (Kat) in LA and SaveABunny. Kat was able to get me out of danger. She gave me safety and love until I could be transported.

Then, Kat arranged for her friend Scott, a pilot, to fly me up to the Bay area on one of his trips. By the way...I was able to charm my way into everyone's heart along the way! I flirted so much with Scott,that I almost stayed with him and his wife in So Cal. Hard as it was for me to leave, I knew my future was in the San Francisco area.

Soon I was greeted with love and excitement by SaveABunny, who quickly realized that I was a girl and NO rehabilitation of any kind was needed. It turn out I had the audacity to nip at the lA guy's dopey wife when she treated me badly. Don't I have the right to defend myself? That doesn't mean I need rehabilitation. It means I was smarter than her!

So, here I am now in the Bay area. I am a very sweet, loving and truly beautiful rabbit just waiting to find my forever home. My story almost had a sad ending, but thanks to many kind-hearted and generous people, I am now safe and enjoying the type of pampering that a starlet like me deserves!

Thank you Scott,Kat and Sheira for your help on my journey! (Kat's the nice lady in the photos)

You can see photos of my journey below.

One last wave goodbye from WAY up in the sky!

Will you provide the happily ever after to my story?