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Jun 27 2005
Foster Home

December 2006 Photo Update!

Original Adoption Story

Hello. My name is Isabella. I am a young,big, beautiful, New Zealand black rabbit.

I had a sad time in my short life (I am only about 6 months old, but now I found my forever home! Here's my story:

I was surrendered to the shelter by a family that was raising rabbits for food. The 19 year old daughter was a vegetarian, but then decided to eat meat. She decided that she would only eat meat that she had raised, butchered, and cooked herself, so she bought me and some other rabbits with the intention of eating us. When she butchered the first one of us it went very badly, so she didn't kill any more of us. The family then decided they didn't want the rest of us rabbits, because no one was caring for us. So they took us to the shelter.

I came to the SaveABunny foster center, where I received TLC and fostering. I quickly blossomed. The great news is that I was just adopted to a wonderful new home where I will be a companion rabbit to Elliot, a distinguished, middle-aged black and white lop gentleman. I hate to admit it...but I was very flirtatious and coy, making sure that Elliot was always aware of how wonderful I looked and smelled. I would sit close and shake my bunny ears and bunny tail in that special girly way.

Elliot was a bit slow on the concept of finding a bride, except for a few clumsy humping attempts, resulting in a mouth full of trophy fur. But I knew what I wanted, so I waited for Elliot to understand that when my head went under his mouth it meant "groom me", not "hump" me. A little romance goes a long way.

One of the special points of this happy ending is that the husband and wife who adopted me, were open to letting Elliot pick his own friend. They were unconcerned about the looks, size, breed, etc of Elliot's potential mate. They just wanted Elliot to be happy. While I am a gorgeous rabbit, I am large and black--- typically a "hard to place" rabbit, because sadly, so many people only want little," cute" rabbits or lop-earred bunnies, or rabbits that can be held.

So, this story has a happy ending for me. My adoption has also freed up a cage space, so that another rabbit could be rescued.

I'm so happy!