Sacramento Meat Rabbit Rescue 2014

February 15, 2014

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April/May - Rabbits are available for adoption!

We are updating the rabbits who are still here at SaveABunny looking for homes (and have found homes). Check them out!

February 25 - Bunnies on the move to Washington!

On Tuesday, bunnies were on the move! These are the two groups who really helped make this rescue happen.

Sue Brennan, at Rabbit Haven in Gig Harbor, Washington, was the first to respond and she and Marcy worked closely together. Sue was the one who raised the money to buy the bunnies and cages while Marcy volunteered SaveABunny to assist and temporarily house. Her group is taking in many of the rescued bunnies (some are staying at SaveABunny) as well as 5 bunnies for permanent sanctuary (Lacey & Lemondrop, El Marko & Sharpie, Jack Daniels).

Angie and Tanya at Special Bunny were the people who spearheaded the transportation arrangements -- arranging all travel, renting a van, and arranging volunteers to drive to Washington.

On the home front, thank you to Rob and Bernardo, who coordinated the packing and cleaning.

Here are photos of the transport as well as bunnies settled into their new home. The next step is for everyone to be spayed or neutered, but we haven't told them yet!

February 15 - 29 Rabbits Rescued from a Meat Rabbit Breeder in Sacramento

On Valentine's weekend, 29 rabbits were rescued from a meat rabbit breeder from Sacramento, after several people saw a listing on Craigslist (see bottom of page for text and photos from Craigslist ad) and contacted SaveABunny. The breeder was closing down and offered the bunnies (as meat or to breed) and cages (so dirty and tiny they were immediately taken to the dump) for $1000 cash.

Rabbit Haven, located in Washington state and run by Sue Brennan, agreed to take the bunnies and arrange transport to Washington if SaveABunny could rescue and shelter them temporarily. Thankfully, we had $1000 from the recent Hot Cause Buns Day fundraiser to pay the breeder (which Rabbit Haven will reimburse), as well as the brand new bunny playroom courtesy the ASPCA grant to house them on an emergency basis. For the past couple days many volunteers worked hard to set up temporary housing, do intakes, triage, and perform medical checks. The bunnies are up for adoption until they leave for Washington next Tuesday.

Photographs from the Post-Rescue Photo Shoot

Glynda, intact female French. Not as big as she looks, but big 9-10 pounds, young adult? Very opinionated and vocal. Funny. Will rule whatever her household. May have some atrophy of hind legs from being caged. Needs traction. No slippery surfaces.

Chiffon, intact female, living with Absinthe, pictured left.

Chaquita, large French lop, intact female. Very shy, but attached to Marcy.
Will stay at SaveABunny for healing until adoption.

Daphne, intact young female. Very shy. Pretty - silver gray and brown.

Gypsy Rose, intact female.

Hetty, intact female bonded with Nicolette. Shy, but friendly.

Nicolette, intact female bonded with Hetty.

Honey Boo-Boo, large intact female French lop. May be "matriarch." Shy, but adoptable.

Jan Brady, young, intact female living with 2 brothers (Monkey and Motown) and 2 sisters (Patience and Binx). Likely too young to be pregnant, but no guarantee . Adoptable.

Monkey, along with Motown (below), are intact brothers; they are about 4 months old. Adoptable.

Motown, along with Monkey (above), are intact brothers; they are about 4 months old. Adoptable.

Patience, young, intact female living with 2 brothers (Monkey and Motown) and 2 sisters (Jan Brady and Binx). Likely too young to be pregnant, but no guarantee. Adoptable.

Jango, juvenile ,intact male. Very shy, what a sweet face! Going to FUR "Friends of Unwanted Rabbits" in Sacramento.

Kingsley, intact large French lop 12 pounds. Their "stud". He is terrified and obviously was very mishandled. He is responding to gentle touch and calming. I do not feel he will travel well and will likely have him in foster via SaveABunny.

Mojo , intact male harlequin. Very friendly, "too" friendly and needs neuter ASAP.

Patty Cake, intact juvenile female French lop. Shy,

Paulina, intact female mini-rex with broken leg. Old injury, unknown cause. Adopter may want to get x-rays. VERY gentle. Kept as pet "for the children to play with." Going to Rabbit Haven.

Poppy, intact juvenile female paired with Wiggles (below). Very shy.

Wiggles, intact juvenile female living with her friend Poppy (above), another intact juvenile female. Wiggles is not as shy as Poppy, but they seem bonded and should go together.

Smitten, intact adult female , mini lop cross? Very shy, Stunning girl

Sporty Spice, intact young female - likely about 4 months old. Shy. What an adorable, smushy face. French lop cross. Adoptable.

Patty Cake, intact juvenile female French lop. Shy,

These boys are Starsky and Hutchinson, intact boys housed together. Very shy.

Original Craiglist Advertisement for "meat rabbits"

The following text and photos are from the original Craigslist advertisement that prompted this rescue.

Productive meat rabbit business for sale, all are young and healthy, inventory includes, 1 buck.. 9 does.. 18 young feeders.. 20 cages indoor/and outdoor.. our giant lop and flemish giant are producing fryers that average 12 lbs. great potential! $1000 firm.

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