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Rabbit Meat in Marin County, CA

Mobile Slaughter House Proposal In Marin

Officials in Marin County, California are moving forward with lifting a ban on commercial, residential slaughter and mobile slaughter trucks despite community opposition. Slaughter has been illegal in Marin County since 2003, but a well-connected, small group of local ranchers, with a paid ombudsman, want to lift the ban to grow their businesses. They are already very profitable and taxpayer money would be used to subsidize ranchers and pay for slaughter facilities. These slaughterhouses would be located in some of the most pristine and peaceful recreational areas of Marin County. 100 feet from the property line.
So if you are hiking, cycling, horseback riding or driving through th county you will see and hear animals being killed.

Up to 20,000 rabbits and chickens per site without a use permit. Stage Two ramps up to larger animal production and processing, which includes cattle, goats and sheep.

Mobile slaughter is bad for people the environment and animals themselves.

Did you know that Marin County rests on 14 sensitive watersheds? And slaughter is one of our nation’s top toxic contaminators of water!

Mobile slaughter trucks bring the sounds and smells of animals suffering and dying, disease, scavenger animals and the HIGH RISK of contamination to our creeks and land, through blood, waste products and chemicals used in the slaughtering process.

Trendy marketing words like “sustainability, localvore, green and humane" sound good but have no substance, measurement or proof. The United Nations recommends crop diversification, not animal ranching, as a proven method to help people and the planet.

It is not too late to stop the public slaughter of animals in Marin County, but we must act quickly. There would be no turning back if such a disturbing and damaging proposal is approved!

What you can do:

The Marin County Board of Supervisors must hear from Marin County residents and businesses.