Our Rescue Philosophy

We believe that the humane and responsible treatment of animals reduces the number of unwanted and homeless animals and contributes to a more tolerant and compassionate society.

We serve both the people and animals in the community through adoption, advocacy, education, outreach and rescue options.

We believe that all companion rabbits are worthy of a safe, loving home regardless of breed purity, pedigree, or temperament. We are against the use of rabbits for meat or fur.

We encourage people to adopt spayed or neutered rabbits from shelters and rescue groups, such as SaveABunny, rather than purchasing an animal from a breeder or pet store.

According to the ASPCA, rabbits are the third most frequently euthanized animal in the country. Adopting or fostering a rescued rabbit saves precious lives.

Scooter - Resident naughty bunny, and SaveABunny ambassador extraordinaire!

All our rabbits are spayed or neutered, and undergo medical and temperament evaluation before being placed up for adoption. We carefully screen potential adopters and require that all rabbits from SaveABunny live indoors as a treasured member of the family. We provide free, ongoing support to adopters, and we make a lifetime commitment to the safety and well-being of the rabbit.

Our adoption contract outlines terms for the proper care of a rabbit and specifies that the rabbit be returned to SaveABunny if the terms of the adoption contract are violated, or if the adopter can no longer care for the rabbit.

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